Sue is my sister

Sue is my sister. Super (my special name for her). Honest. Genuine. Forthright. Passionate.

Sue once said to me, “I always thought I was a nice person – until I had kids!”

My sisters a MRLSuper has a way of speaking the truth that makes it sound funny! Usually, unintentionally. Which makes it funnier 🙂

I’d probably philosophise about what makes being a mother so challenging. Or write some goals to get through it. Not Sue. Not tell-it-like-it-is-Super.

“I always thought I was a nice person – until I had kids!”

I laugh, but nod vigorously. I know exactly what she means. I never (ok, VERY rarely) yelled at anyone until I had kids. I didn’t nag anyone when they didn’t do what I wanted. I could state my case calmly, once (not frenetically, six times over!). And the list could go on…

This isn’t to condemn any of us. We are amazing. We are Mother-Leaders. But reality is that every leader will at some stage disappoint herself. And it will usually be when she is in a high stress, low tolerance zone. (Read: unsettled baby, sleepless nights, busy toddler, overflowing laundry, hormonal teen, PND…)

Why tell you about Super? Just so you know you’re not alone. And to confirm (in case you still had any doubt!), being a Mother-Leader is not an easy leadership gig!

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