Motherhood equals pain and sacrifice?!

John is a good friend of ours. Honest. Humble. Generous.  An extremely successful entrepreneur and leader.

John’s take on leadership is that it boils down to the ability to deal with pain. The more pain you are able to bear, and the more sacrifice you are willing to make, the greater a leader you will become.

Truth is, being a mother often pushes you to your personal limits. And whenever we are in the zone of our personal limits, we are being stretched and it hurts!

The joy and the pain of being a Mother-Leader :)

The joy and the pain of being a Mother-Leader 🙂

  • The tiredness – it is painful, excruciatingly painful at times.
  • The constant other-centredness – there are days (sometimes years!) when YOU and your needs don’t even get onto your own agenda!
  • The stigma – you know, ‘those’ looks that annihilate your ‘fragile-today’ self esteem (usually in the supermarket, from someone who has never had, or already forgotten about, tantrum throwing toddlers)
  • The ache – loving this child so much that it physically hurts when you see them struggling with personal pain
  • The ‘dream delays’ – becoming a mother was always a dream of mine, but not the only dream I have. Other dreams have been put on hold through the intense early years of mothering.
  • The loneliness – longing for adult conversation and stimulating discussion

Summary? If leadership is defined by the ability to shoulder pain and willingness to make sacrifices, mothers are some of the finest leaders around!

What do you think?

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