2 activities guaranteed to energise any Mother

There are so many areas of self-leadership we can cover! Today we’ll touch on two that are kind of related.


Many leaders never take the time to reflect… many Mothers never take time to reflect… many Mother-Leaders never take time to reflect!

We get so caught up in the immediate needs of our family that it can be really hard to make space to THINK instead of just DOING. And, if you’re like me, once you are finished the DOING, if you slow down enough to reflect, you might fall asleep before any reflecting gets done!!

The only way I have been able to make time to really reflect is by trying to build it into my daily routine… like  intentionally reflecting while I do a specific task. For me, reflection often takes place as a prayer, chatting to God as I do the laundry in automatic mode. 🙂

Reflection is not just a running ‘thought commentary’ on the day, it’s about interpreting the activities of the day, finding meaning and purpose. Take time to reflect forwards too – on what you want to do, why you want to do it, and how you will do it (which in ‘leaderspeak’ is your vision, your values, and your mission!).


Did I just hear you laugh?!? I know, there are seasons of motherhood when this just seems like the ultimate daydream! BUT, did you know that extended periods of solitude are excellent for your soul and necessary for your leadership? <<TWEET THAT>>

It’s true – you will be a better Mother and better Leader if you can take some time out for yourself occasionally.

Solitude doesn’t mean “time away from your children.” Nor does it mean “time with your girlfriends.” Solitude is about doing it solo – just you. It is finding time and space to be alone.

As an extrovert, I never really appreciated the importance of solitude. I re-energise being WITH others, not away from them! And that’s still true.

The only thing that has changed is that I’m now a Mother, which means I’m in a constant and demanding leadership role. And, in any leadership position, we continually pour out into others.This requires a counter-balance of times to refill yourself.

Mother-Leaders are no exception.

Extended solitude is ideally at least 24 hours. It allows you to catch up on sleep, to reflect and to dream. I try to include a long bath with a pot of tea, a glass of wine and a book. 🙂

Two things are required to find time for solitude:

  1. having someone who is able and happy to take responsibility of your children for you, and
  2. understanding that it is OK, in fact it is essential, to take some time out for yourself! (This is often the bigger hurdle for many of us!)

So, how do you manage to have time to reflect? Do you do solitude times? If yes, tell us how you make it happen and what are the benefits for you.


Jenni xxxx



3 comments to 2 activities guaranteed to energise any Mother

  • I love this post and I’m a big believer in recharging regularly but finding the time and funds can be tricky to justify whilst raising a big family. I booked myself in overnight to the sebel in the yarra valley a couple of years back. Husband looked after the fort while I escaped to a huge bath of bubbles, a great biography designed to inspire and bust the “poor me’s” out of me (nick vijucik) a massage and room service. Then it was planning a daily routine on my laptop and things that would be accomplished within the year. Not only did I feel recharged it gave me an amazing sense of purpose and clarity, that we should live each day with. Too many mundane days can cloud that – absolutely without doubt. We need a recharge for sure ladies to gain a higher perspective on the daily grind (however that looks)!
    Fiona spence recently posted…What are you feeding on today?My Profile

  • Before kids I hated running. Now I’m learning to love it. The exercise helps and the quiet time out allows me to reflect and gain some calm. I agree, both are very important.

    • Jenni @ MRL

      Krystal – cant say I’ve ever become a runner (anyone who knows me just grins at this point!) but sure can relate with my walks around the lake. Good on you for finding something that benefits you on so many levels. Jenni xx

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